Friday, June 14, 2013

Ghost of Thornton Hall Trophies

Bottled Up - press cellar bottles 20 times.
Brewmaster - make 7 cups of tea.
Cotton Runner - run the tool room cotton gin 11 times.
Historian - ask lots of questions about the Thornton family.
Eerie Epitaphs - examine all 15 of the graveyard epitaphs.
Egged - find an Easter Egg.
Ghost Hunter - use the EMF 30 times.
Humanitarian - save Clara.
Key Spinner - use the incomplete key on the bedroom door 5 times.
Spoiler Free - don't ask for any spoilers from your interface task bar.
Spooks Galore - witness 15 ghostly encounters.
Trivia Tamer - correctly answer the trivia question at the end of the game.
Charmed - find all seven phone charms (only available for the Bonus Edition).

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Ghost of Thornton Hall Phone Charms (Bonus Edition Only!)

There are SEVEN phone charms! Here's where to find them:
Gravestone Charm, in the Cemetery

 Barrel Charm, in the Cellar.

 Clock Charm, in Charlotte's Room.

Car Charm (Hidden), in the Showroom.
 (This phone charm can only be found if you have not yet turned in your Easter Eggs to their nooks in Charlotte's room. Once they are in, they cannot be taken out! Dumb, but that's the way it goes, I suppose)
Tree Charm, in the Courtyard, outside of the Ruins.

Stone Fish Charm, in the Passageway

Scythe Charm, in the first Upstairs Hallway

Ghost of Thornton Hall Easter Eggs

Hello, hello! There are three Easter Eggs hidden in the game.


(Open and close the bird coffin five times to claim this reward)

(If you have already completed the tile puzzle, this egg cannot be received)

Place the Easter Eggs inside this thing in Charlotte's room:

Once you've read the note, go down into the passage, and look through the peepholes into the parlor.

Ghost of Thornton Hall Walkthrough

This walk through does not contain every conversation you'll need to have. Talking to characters does not always necessarily change the course of the game. So just because conversations are not mentioned, doesn't mean that you can't/don't need to talk to them. That can be done on your own, whenever you feel like you need to talk.


At the start of the game, the phone rings. Once Nancy's done rolling over, pick up the phone. The conversation with her, and the ferryman, are automatic. When both conversations are complete, move yourself forward onto Blackrock Island.

Walk straight to the house. You will be stopped by Colton. During this conversation, he will give you Jessalyn's phone. It's dead, and the charger is mangled. You'll need to find another way to charge it.

When the conversation with Colton is through, walk over to the other side of the porch, towards the porch swing. When you turn around, pick up the hammer:
Go inside, and then go through the double doors to your right. Talk to Clara. During the conversation she will give you a phone number. Add it to your inventory.

Look around the parlor. Read the books on the mantle, look at the three portraits, and look at the tea table. From the table, grab the cluster of oranges and a napkin..

Exit the parlor and go right. Observe the portrait of Beauregard Thornton in the foyer. Continue to the double doors on your left, into the showroom. Grab the paint thinner.

Go to the table in front of you and read the electric manual, to figure out what you need in order to find an alternate way to charge Jessalyn's phone. It tells you that you need potatoes or oranges, pennies, nails, and alligator clips.

Use the hammer to remove the nails from the wooden beam next to the jar of alligator clips.
Get the pennies from the jar by the projector.

Once you've collected everything, go to the jar of alligator clips on that first table and click on it. First place the oranges, then the nails, pennies, and clips... and voila! Now to just let the phone charge.

Also on the first table (on the right) is a rolled up canvas. Pick it up.

Head towards the back of the Showroom and pick up the cotton picker and the spade.

Also read the plaque on the door and look at the scale next to it. You cannot open this door, or one of those creepy tools will fall and force you into a second chance.

Go outside and towards the front gate. Turn left to go to the cemetery. You will be pulled into a conversation with Wade.

Once the conversation is complete, look at the gravestones. Wade will have something to say about most of them.

Notice that the crypt is locked.

Leave the cemetery. 

Once you're back out to the main ground, if you look straight once exiting the cemetery, you'll see a little pillar with a "T" carved into it. To the side of it is a piece of paper. Pick up the scavenger hunt list:
Go back to the house and go up stairs.

Find the missing portrait: As you make your way upstairs, place the missing painting you found in the empty frame (to your right).

To your left there will be a dresser. Grab the bag of cotton.

Find the package that Savannah had sent: You will find Savannah's package on a table to the left, by the sleeping bag. Read the book, and add the EMF Reader to your inventory.

If you turn around, you will a portrait and a book on a sofa. Read the book. There are also two hallways from where you are standing. The one to the right will lead you back to the stairs, so go to the left.

Notice the locked door at the end of the hall.

Find out what the smudge on Clara's portrait is hiding: When you turn back, look at the portrait of Clara on your left. Nancy will say something about a smudge, and that there might be something underneath it. Pull the napkin out from your inventory, and then the paint thinner. Put the paint thinner on the napkin, and then rub it on the painting until what's hidden is uncovered.

Charge Jessalyn's Phone: Head back to the showroom and look at Jessalyn's phone. It should be charged, but locked.

See if Addison remembers anything from her night at Thornton Hall: Give Addison Hammond a call. With everything you've accumulated through this point, you should be able to get her to tell you everything she knows.

Find the tombstones that were uncovered in Clara's portrait: Go to the fountain in the graveyard. There's a grassy patch off to the left. Click on it and uncover the two hidden stones:
Go talk to Wade.

Complete the epitaph hunt Jessalyn and Addison were working on: Addison tells you that the password for Jessalyn's phone is the answer to the epitaph hunt. Use the list you found to complete it. "W" = words (names included), and"L" = letter in the word. The books throughout the mansion should help you figure out who the clues are, in relation to Jessalyn.
  • Amateur: Nana (Sarah Emma Thornton), Grandma (Rosalie Thornton), Ghost (Charlotte Thornton), Dodge (Rodger Drummonds Thornton), HT (Harper Thornton), VT (Virginia Thornton), Karenina (Marianna Thornton), Victims (Fifty-Four Souls), and LA (Luther Atchison)
  • Master: Grandma (Rosalie Thornton), RN (Ruby Newton), Dodge (Roger Drummonds Thornton), VT (Virginia Thornton), Victims (Fifty-Four Souls), Nana (Sarah Emma Thornton), LA (Luther Atchison), and Ghost (Charlotte Thornton)
Go back to the house. When you go inside, you'll hear "eerie singing." Go upstairs, and see that someone left you a note on the table, next to your package from Savannah. The note tells you that someone wants you to meet the ghost.

Go to the showroom to unlock Jessalyn's phone.

Figure out Jessalyn's phone password: (Amateur) = VWRMYFITS, or (Master) = PRDRYRIW.

Listen to the recordings on Jessalyn's phone: Go to the "journal" icon on Jessalyn's phone, and listen to all the recordings.

Locate what Jessalyn and Addison dropped through the floorboards: On the recordings, the girls mentioned something about an object falling through the floorboards. Go into the parlor. Clara will be gone, so you can get it:
Figure out the message in the paper you found under the floorboard in the parlor: The goal of the puzzle is to spell out a color without crossing a path you've already taken, and ending at the *. If you trace it backwards, you'll probably notice that "yellow" is the color that they're going for. Once you've completed the first part, the next part is to draw a path through all the yellow squares. In this one, you still cannot cross the same path twice, but you can cross through icons with different colors. Your job is to still end at the *.
Follow the instructions in the note to meet the ghost: Take a second napkin from the tea table. The note also told you to, "recite a rhyme with dreadful meter where the dreadful meter is at its peak." You're supposed to use the EMF Reader to find the point with the highest reading. The place you need to go is the black door of the showroom. Stand in front of it, pull out the EMF Reader, select the napkin from your inventory, and then find the correct verse to recite.

During your conversation with Harper, take the note she gives you. After she kicks you out, look at it.

Solve the riddle in the note that Harper gave you: Harper said, "To find me again, look to the portraits." If you go up to the portraits, and you look hard enough, you can see the outlines of letters in the paintings. Get your paint thinner-covered napkin and reveal the letters on Beauregard, Hiriam, Jeb, Sarah Emma, Marianna, Jackson, and Franklin's portraits. Drag the letters to then unscramble the letters. It should say, "COTTON GIN, GET SEEDS, BALANCE SCALES."

Go to the cotton gin in the showroom.

Fix the cotton gin: (Amateur, Master coming soon)
Find some cotton seeds: Select the sack of cotton from your inventory and click it on the cotton gin. Add the seeds to your inventory.

Using all of the seeds, find a way to balance the scales: Go to the scales by the back door of the showroom, and try to balance it.
  • Amateur: 1 on #5, 3 on #4, 1 on #1, and 3 on #6
  • Master: 3 on #6, 2 on #3, 4 on #1, 2 on #2, 2 on #5, and 2 on #7
Find a way to get back into the room where Harper's hiding: Once you've opened the door using the seeds, continue down the passage.

Search the tunnel leading from the workshop: You'll find a backpack when you reach the end of the passage way. Pick it up, and look inside of it. Put the "Thornton Family Tree" and the key part in your inventory, eat the KoKo Kringle (of course!), and look at the sheet of paper with wedding notes on it.

Talk to Harper.

Explore the cellar: There's lots to see in here. Make sure to get the colored tiles from the wine rack, to see the note in the dusty book (behind the used-to-be sitting area), the barrels, the dismantled cart (on the opposite side of the cellar from the barrels), and the little passage that branches off from the cellar to a big metal door. Open the panel on it, and notice that there's a piece missing.

Go back to the parlor and talk to Clara; ask her about her dad, and, even though she told you not to... tattle on Harper. After you get chewed out in the cellar because of Harper's "vanishing act," go back and talk to Clara.

Once the conversation is over, go upstairs. There should be a new note for you.

If you go to Charlotte's room's door and try and use the key you found, you'll notice that it doesn't quite work yet.

Follow the instructions from the note that mentions glass vessels: Return to the cellar, and go to the wine rack. Amateur, BILEO; Master, CFINBK.
Explore the tunnel that opened when you triggered the secret door using the bottles: Kinda self explanatory. Go to the secret door that opened to the right of the wine rack. Go up to the top and then listen to Colton's conversation. When it gets quiet, turn around, and pick up the pink digital camera you see to the left of the opening.

Check out the photos on the camera you found.

Leave the tunnel. Something won't feel right, so Nancy will say that she needs some rest.

You'll have a short, automatic conversation with Bess and Ned. When it's done, pick up the newest letter that's been left for you.

Walk up to the parlor door. Listen to what Clara's saying.

Now walk out the front door. Or... try to at least. Colton will be having another conversation. Listen, and then go outside. Colton will pull you into a conversation.

When you're done, walk towards the porch swing.

Check out the column from the camera's picture library: Click the ivy covered column, remove it, reveal the snake shaped carving, and then click it so that Nancy can copy it. Remember the riddle.

Check out the odd dirt floor from the camera's picture library: Return to the tunnel that you opened by using the glass vessels. Once you get there, click where the animal skeleton is, and then get the spade out of your inventory and dig.

Unfortunately for you, it's locked.

Leave the tunnel.

Check out the barrels from the camera's picture library: You remember all the barrels, yes? Go back and pull the handle. Go through the passage that it opens. You'll see that it opens up to the hall that Charlotte's room is in.

Check out the stone marker from the camera's picture library: Go outside and go to the pillar, where you found the scavenger hunt list.

Pull the branches aside.

Find the ruins where Charlotte died: Walk down the path that you just discovered.

Explore the ruins: See the puzzle on the fountain, use the cotton picker to get the key down the stairwell, and get the film reel.

Open the odd tiled puzzle on the fountain: Use the paper that Wade gave you as a guide.

Find a way into the crypt: Use the key you found in the ruins to unlock the crypt.

Take a flower.

Find the bird plate on the empty wall.

Read the newspaper.

Find the window mentioned in the recording of Jessalyn and Addison: Observe the stain glass window in the crypt.

Figure out what's hiding in the stained glass window: The point of the puzzle is to arrange the pieces of the window so that every color in a piece is touching the same color on another piece. If a piece has a fancy metal design on it, that means that that piece is fixed.
Follow the instructions on the flower note pt. 1: Leave the crypt and go to the statue in the middle of the cemetery. Leave the dead flower you got from the crypt at the base. Leave the cemetery.

Return to the house. As you enter, you'll hear singing. Go upstairs and find the note that talks about someone getting away.

Find a way to watch the movie on the old reel you found: Go to the showroom. Use the old projector. While you're watching it, you'll be interrupted by Clara.

Return to the showroom. There's still a little clip left on the film.

Follow the directions on the note, and try to discover who's sneaking around: Go to the cellar, and take the passageway that leads to the upstairs hallway. Watch what happens.

See what Wade was up to near Charlotte's bedroom: Exit the passage and pick up the key that Wade dropped.

Follow up on images that were spliced into the movie: Return to the ruins, and observe the red wallpaper on the left wall. In order to get to it, you'll need to stack objects from the upper left-hand corner. I didn't get a picture, but I stacked these items in this order: the plank of wood, all the rectangles, all the squares, and then one triangle. This is one of the easiest ways, but it's not the only way. This puzzle, however, is touch sensitive. So be careful when placing objects--they can fall. Once you're up, pull back the wallpaper.

When she copies down the image, part of the ceiling will start to fall. Back up. Don't worry, you can still go back and look at the wall. Remember the rhyme.

Go to the cemetery.

Find Beauregard's grave (in the front row on the left when you are standing at the front of the cemetery, the one on the far left). Click on the bottom of it to wipe off the dust. Note the colors and their order.

Find Ethel's grave: Now that you have the Thornton Family Tree, you can use it to locate Ethel's grave. Her gravestone is the first one in the second row on the left; it ends in "May Newton." Note the date on it.

Follow the instructions on the flower note pt. 2: Return the statue, an pick up what's been left for you.

[Complete] Exploring the crypt & Find a way to use the snake/star/bird design: Now is the time to put those designs to use.

  • The bird plate is already on it's correct coffin (#1 in row 2). Complete the puzzle. Take the strips of paper.
  • The snake's riddle was, "The first of its kind across the bottom." The second coffin on row 3 is the first coffin with two handles on it. You have the snake plate in your inventory; place it on #2 in row 3. Take the key part.
  • Find the star plate on #3 in row 3. Click the brown button next to add it to your inventory. Place it on #2 in row 1 ("Two handles pull out the box to which the star belongs. From the middle it shines, rising above them all"). Take the locket.
You don't have the flower plate yet.

Find a way to enter the room at the end of the hall: Now head back to the house and to Charlotte's room. Use the completed key to unlock the puzzle. It's just like the one in the ruins.
Explore Charlotte's bedroom: Be sure to read the journal, get the key from the jewelry box, and see the party invitation (also from the jewelry box). Also, look at the front of the jewelry box. Tiles are missing. Use the ones in your inventory to fix it.

Figure out the importance of the name Beauregard: The tiles on Charlotte's jewelry box are the same colors as those on Beauregard's grave. On Amateur, there are only four colors to use (purple, dark green, dark blue, light blue). On Master, there's five (purple, light green, dark green, light blue, dark green). The goal of the puzzle is to make a path from the top left corner to the top right corner by using the pattern given to you on the grave.

Use the tiles on the jewelry box to open a secret compartment: (Amateur, Master coming soon)
Figure out the code within the clocks in Charlotte's room: Use the paper that you got from the secret compartment in Charlotte's jewelry box to figure out the clocks puzzle. It basically tells you to set them all to twelve... but what you'll notice is that the clocks move at a different pace and land on different times.
The easiest thing to do is start the clocks moving from twelve and to see where they land, so that way you know just how far they all move.
The solution that I received (on Amateur) after setting them all to 12:00 is to set them to 6:00, 12:00, 9:00, 6:00, and 9:00.

Explore the passage that you opened in Charlotte's bedroom: Go down to the end and open the slot and spy on Clara.

Go into the parlor and talk to Clara.

Figure out what's inside the buried box: Use the key you found in Charlotte's jewelry box to open the box underneath the deck. Here is where Ethel's grave comes into play: you need to spell out the date that was listed on her stone.

  • Amateur: The date is 1/13/1933... Go left, right, left, right, left, right, left, right.
  • Master: The date is 3/14/1933... Go right, right, right, left, right, left, left.
Take the flower plate.

Leave... or at least try. Nancy will get sleepy again, and when you come to, you'll be talking with Ned and Bess again.

Head to the cemetery when you're done talking to them.

Find the secret in Franklin's memorial: Stop by the statue and look at the plaque. This is Franklin's memorial. Charlotte's journal mentioned that the first (1) and seventh (8) numbers have relevance in trying to open the big door in the cellar.

Find a way to use the flower design: Go into the crypt and put the flower plate on coffin #3 in row 2 (the flower note shows you where to put it). Take the token.

Find a way to unlock the door in the tunnels: Place the "6" token you just got from the flower coffin in the open spot. Charlotte's journal said that, for Amateur, each side needs to be equal 18. For Master, the top/bottom edges are equal to 25, and the sides are equal to 15.
Find Jessalyn

Find a way to help Jessalyn: Simply talk to her.

Go to the passage way in Charlotte's bedroom and wait for Clara to leave.

Unlock Clara's briefcase before she returns:
Find the necklace that Jessalyn needs and bring it to her: Once you've gotten the necklace from the briefcase, return to Jessalyn.

Find the locket that Jessalyn needs: You may or may not have this already. Regardless, I will remind you that it is in the star coffin in the crypt.

Find a way to open the locket: Use the paper you found in the fountain at the ruins to open the locket.
Mom = Marianna, 1867 = Hiriam, and Wright = Emeline (you can figure this out using the family tree you have in your inventory).

After Jessalyn reads what was inside, she'll freak out and leave. Pick up the note that was left on the generator, read it, and put it in your inventory.

Go talk to Colton. He'll give you a sheet of paper.

Return to the tunnels in the cellar. It's too dark... Nancy will say something about it, and suggest finding a way to light it up.

Go to the generator.

Get the generator working again: 
To get the right panel up, go: right (7 times), down (2), left (1), down (4), right (1), up (1), down (1), left
(1), up (2), right (1), down (1), right (1), down (2), left (4), up (4), left (2), up (3), and right (2). 
Now, to go back. Go: left (2 times), down (3), right (2), down (4), right (4), up (2), left (1), up (1), left (1), up (3), right (1), up (1), left (3), and down (1) and into the hole.

Find the missing symbol: Now you can hunt. As I later realized, the symbols are all numbers, normally and inversed, to make a symbol. So you're looking for two sixes... and viola!
Use your spade to dig on it.

Open the safe: (Tiles, pegs)
  • Amateur: Slide tiles right, up (2), right, down, left (2), up, right, down, left, down, right (2), up, left.
  • Master: Slide the tiles right, down, left, up, right (3), down (3), left, up, right, down, left, up (2), right, down, left, up (2), right, down, left (3), down, right (2), up, left, down, right (2), down, left, up, left, down, right, up, right, down, left (3), up, right (2), up, left (2), down, right (2), down, left (2), up (3), right (2), down, right, up, left, down, left, down, right (2), up (2), left, down, right, down, left, up, right, up, left, down.
Discover the secret of the locket's contents: Look at what's inside the safe.


Escape the burning building. Save yourself, or risk saving others: Go back the way you came in, through the cellar. You'll run into Harper and Jessalyn. You can choose to save everyone, or just yourself.

Hopefully you choose to help them, but ya know. Whatever.

Help Jessalyn find a way to get Harper safely out of the building: There are 4 parts around the cellar to make a wheelbarrow (2 wheels, a set of handles, and some bolts).

Rescue Clara from the fire: If you choose to save Clara, you'll be locked into Charlotte's room. The only other way out is through the passageway you found, behind the picture. But it's locked again. Do what you did the first time, and set all the clocks to twelve. This time, when the clocks are done, set them to 9:00, 4:30, 7:30, 6:00, and 12:00.

CONGRATULATIONS! You have completed the Ghost of Thornton Hall! Thanks for visiting, and I'll see you again for The Silent Spy!

Thursday, May 16, 2013

"Ghost of Thornton Hall" Game Review; 4.4/5

Now that I am officially done with GTH, I can review it for you guys! Keep in mind, my favorite games are SAW, DOG, HAU, or anything of those sorts... the more "bone-chilling games." This all, too, is coming from an almost 19-year-old girl who has played every Nancy Drew game since she was 10. So I have some experience with these games and how they work. Plus, sadly, I've formed a bit of callousness to them (keyword is bit).

The dynamic of the various characters was really interesting. Clara, Jessalyn's uptight mother; Wade, Clara and Harper's cousin, against the Thornton family business; Harper, Charlotte's deranged sister; and Colton, Jessalyn's fiance. Your phone contacts are Addison Hammond, friend of Jessalyn... she was with her the night of the disappearance; Bess, and "Bonus Ned!"; and Savannah Woodham, originally from SAW. Last, but definitely not least, is Charlotte Thornton, ghost of Thornton Hall.
All the suspects have very unique personalities, making their possible motives very distinct. What I liked about how different the characters were was that I had trouble trying to form a suspicion against anyone in particular; they all act suspicious, and I know that sometimes it's the obvious choice, and other times, it's twisted to be the underdog... so I didn't waste my time trying to figure it out (partially because I couldn't, and the other because I didn't want to blow the ending for myself because I thought too hard).
One of the problems I did have was how much talking I had to do. I realize that that's the way Nancy Drew games are... you talk to figure out what's really going on. Especially in this game, with the ghost and the troubling family history. But I felt like half the game was going back and forth between everybody to ask questions about my conversation I just had with someone else... It just got really drawn out.

MUSIC | 10/10
The music has gotten really good in these newer Nancy Drew games. I don't know if I just notice it because of the new menu interface, or what. But as always, there are some songs that add lots of tension to what's going on, and then others that calm you down a little bit. In this game, I felt like the majority of the music that played fell on more of the "tense" side. I can think of one piano score that felt really soothing (I really liked it, it was a pretty song!). So, the music did its job and scared me.

SCARINESS | 9.5/10
Oddly enough, I had mixed emotions about how scary the game was... To be honest, I felt like I knew what a majority of the spooky stuff was, just from seeing the trailer (ie, shadows, ghost appearances, etc). Sure, there were things that weren't in the trailer, but at that point, everything was predictable. But OK, yeah. There were some scary rooms and locations that I refused to go to or do for a while, because I was scared something was going to happen.  So I suppose I'll put it this way: appearances didn't scare me as much as I hoped that they would (mainly because I felt like I had already seen half of them, and they got predictable), but the idea of going certain places/doing certain tasks did, only because I didn't know what would happen. Sorry if that statement seems unclear to some of you, but that's how I felt about it. Definitely a spooky aura throughout the game, but those things that pop out at you aren't really so scary (in my opinion!). And compared to other games, this definitely had me on the edge of my seat!

PLOT | 10/10
Definitely a good story! Dark family history, lots of lies, lots of the unknown... it all went together (kinda how like ice cream goes with birthday cake). I really liked the idea of solving two mysteries: Jessalyn's disappearance and Charlotte's death. The link between the two was pretty good, too! I could definitely tell that it was very well thought out. And, as stated before, it's definitely a "horror" plot, and that's always a plus.

PUZZLES | 9/10
Okay. I enjoyed the way that the puzzles were in this game. There weren't too many, but there weren't too little. They weren't terribly difficult, either... well. On Amateur, that is. But compared to other games (like DED, for example), where even the amateur puzzles seemed to need spoilers in order to be solved, these puzzles didn't take too much brain power. I felt challenged, but not so challenged that I almost felt stupid.
This leads me to say that the task list in this game is the same to the one in DED (it gives you the options for the hints). In DED, I got way too dependent on it... but, like I said, I found the puzzles in DED very challenging. In GTH, I was able to solve the majority of puzzles on my own, without any hints. I can think of one where I needed the spoiler, and maybe two or three other tasks that I only needed hints to get my brain jogging. In GHT, I actually liked the hints because when I did get stuck, the hints were enough to get me back on track, so I didn't stay stuck for long.

THE END | 6/10
I was actually disappointed with the ending. It lacked... drama. It wasn't the BIG ending that I'm used to having for these games. In the past, there's always been this sense of a rush to be sure that the culprit doesn't end up victorious. The whole last eighth of the game had this sense of duty; do this puzzle, now do that one, now go here, talk to them, blah-blah-blah... and then at the actual last part of the game, there was no, "OHMYGOSH!" or "GOGOGO!" factor, despite the typical "timer" that you are on . It was just... do this, and done (the, "this," I might add, wasn't even a challenge).
I will say, though, that in the last eighth of the game, you are able to rule out half of the suspects, and I was left wondering "who's telling the truth?" So, there was still mystery in the air, but not much.
It wouldn't be such a big deal, except the spooky things throughout the game weren't really all that big, so I was really hoping for a big ending to top it all off... but it wasn't.
So, please excuse my vague explanation. It's very hard to explain why I don't like it, without blowing it :P

GRAPHICS | 9.5/10
The graphics, since they're recent, are fab. There were even little accents that I noticed that made a big impact, like shadows on the walls. However, I will say that everything was very dark, even with my laptop's brightness all the way up, at night (my night, not the game's). It made it hard to find inventory items and charms.
Now, the things I am about to list aren't technically graphics, but they are things that were added to this game that I liked a lot:

  • The ability to fast forward through conversations is great! You'll definitely not want to use it if it's your first time playing, because the information you get from them is really interesting to listen to. But if you're like me and have multiple games going (one with your boyfriend, your sisters, yourself... for walk through purposes...), it's nice to have the option, especially since the conversations in this game are abundant and lengthy.
  • In HER's very first games, it used to be true that certain things you told Nancy to say would effect that part of the conversation. I will try to explain: 1) Somethings that your choose to say can make suspects get mad and end the conversation, or make them explain valuable information, or 2) Depending on what you say when you are given options, a different response is triggered (there's a point when you're talking to Ned, and Bess asks you to explain Colton's looks in "Ned Units," and depending on "how many Neds" you say, you will get a different response than if you chose a different one). Unfortunately, these things were taken out of games for a while, so no matter what Nancy said, you'd get the same information/responses. ND fans, I know, "protested" getting these fluctuating conversations back in Nancy Drew games... and here they are! It does add a nice tiny dynamic.
TOTAL SCORE | 4.4/5 (62/70 = 44.3/50).
Great game! Disappointments here and there, but it truly is one of HER's bests!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

An Introduction

Hello fellow sleuths!

Welcome to my Ghost of Thornton Hall blog. Here, you will see various posts, including a walk through and a game review. But before those are posted, I would like to tell you a bit about myself.

In my blog, I look to make a bland walk through into an interesting one by inserting little fun bits here-and-there (I have some good plans for this one, too!). Even though people... probably yourself, included... usually come for their answer and go, I still try and make it all interesting... because who doesn't prefer interesting over boring and dull!

So. Let me give you a few facts about myself:

  • My first Nancy Drew game was The Ghost Dogs of Moon Lake. I think I was about 10 when I played it, and I was terrified of the game... so I myself did not actually play it. My mother did. But I'm over my fears now; I can't tell if it's good or bad. I'm a little too mature to get scared of the games anymore. Don't get me wrong, sometimes I get paranoid and refuse to do certain things because I know that something's gonna happen... but when they do, I'm pretty much like, "Oh. That wasn't scary." So here's my thing: growing up is great in some ways, but it makes me sad when growing up keeps me from finding all the thrill in the games. Sad. Day.
  • I love ducks. Sure, they're untidy little creatures, but they certainly are cute. I had two ducks for about three months one time. They were fun to chase around the backyard... and sometimes, if I was quick and witty enough, I even got to hold them and pet them :O They even liked to watch FRIENDS through the window... which is ironic since Joey and Chandler have a pet duck themselves in a couple episodes.
  • So far my favorite Nancy Drew game is Shadow on the Water's Edge. I like the ghost-y ones :}
  • My least favorite Nancy Drew game has to be The Secret of the Old Clock. Or Trail of the Twister. I think they're tied.
  • I have sticky notes that look like cheese.
I hope you enjoyed those little tidbits of my life. The facts about the games may come in handy when reading the game review, since not everybody has the same taste in these games. So it helps to see if our taste is the same, and if the review is useful for you, personally.

Thankfully for me, it is now summer... so maybe I'll manage to spit out more walk throughs, because I am terribly behind.

I would say more, but I don't really know what else to say.
If you ever need another one of my walk throughs, you can find them here:

Much love!

Thursday, May 9, 2013

It's Here!

Here it is! What we've all (at least... I've all... ?) been waiting for! I got it almost a week early. Hopefully that means that I will be able to play it myself and then get a walkthrough out before too long!